Trapiche Artist

Mother Nature is the best artist. Essentially what I do is just make a frame suitable for installation, to hang, say on an earlobe. Let’s discuss trapiche gems. Trapiche sapphires. Trapiche ametrines. Trapiche emeralds. All rare and unusual, just the way I like it! The term “Trapiche” is taken from the Spanish word for a spoked milling wheel used to grind sugar cane.  The best known examples of the rare phenomena in the gemstone world are Trapiche emeralds, like this heart stopping specimen:


Trapiche Emerald Specimen

They also form with with other minerals, like sapphires. Trapiche sapphires are different from “star” stones, as they form around a carbon “host” rock. Star stones have “chatoyancy” whereas Trapiche stones are “fixed”. Trapiche sapphires are found in Myanmar (formerly Burma). A few years ago I was lucky enough to score a few specimens from an American rockhound who lived in Myanmar. I paired them with some blue gray rose cut sapphires:

And for the minimalist (or to match!) a pendant: 

Trapiche Sapphire Pendant

My rockhound American also introduced me to another unusual phenomena of “Trapiche like” sapphires growing in spinel. Is this cool or what? 

Sapphire in Spinel Ring and Pendant

I also know an Italian rockhound who lives in Brazil. He introduced me to the Trapiche ametrine. Here’s a couple paired with black spinels:

Trapiche Ametrine Earrings paired with Rose Cut Black Spinels

The pieces for sale are in the shop. Check them out in the Otherworldly section of the shop. I hope you are as amazed my Mother Nature as I am!


  1. Joel December 9, 2021 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    Beautiful work for beautiful rocks . .really great

    • Lydia Ksionda December 9, 2021 at 10:26 pm - Reply

      Thank you – that is very appreciated!

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