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Spotlight on Tourmaline Jewelry

Did you know that tourmaline jewelry was used extensively by artists and writers as a talisman? Maybe THAT’S why it’s one of my favorite rocks! It is believed to be the gemstone with the most metaphysical attributes, and it comes in pretty much every shade and hue imaginable. Ancient lore tells us that tourmaline traveled along a rainbow and gathered all of its colors. Here at Leda Jewel Co, tourmaline jewelry is ubiquitous in almost every collection.

Pink Tourmaline Pieces

Rose Cut Orchid Pink Tourmaline Jewelry
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In Rose Period, you can find pink tourmaline earrings, an orchid tourmaline pendant, a variety of watermelon tourmaline pieces, not to mention some beautiful rubellite which is code for deep pink tourmaline. The Latin word “rubellus” or “ruber” means reddish, and is the also the root for that other red rock: the ruby. For centuries, rubellite was often mistaken for ruby. In my humble opinion rubellite or pink tourmaline jewelry rock my world more! Pun intended.

Both rubellite and pink tourmaline jewelry equate to the love thing. Pink promotes peace, inspires love, helps overcome anger/aggression and promotes sympathy for others, and because of all this, attracts friendships! Buying or giving pink tourmaline jewelry for yourself (or a special someone!) will remind you to love yourself, because only then can you truly love another. Thus, this opens your heart to spiritual growth. Enhanced creativity from opening up to passion is an extra boon for the artistic types. Rubellite brings even more zing by striking the heart with seriously deep love. How deep? The type that goes beyond human by reaching out to the universe. Can you dig it?

Teal and Green Tourmaline Jewelry

Green Tourmaline Long Oval Cabochon Ring
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Green With Envy presents beautiful teal green and green tourmaline jewelry. Like the rubellite, green tourmaline was for centuries mistaken for another rock: the emerald. Green tourmaline (also known as verdelite) brings a joy and appreciation for life and the many wonders of it all! It encourages patience and openness along with a sincere interest in others. Want a little something more, shall we say “earthly”? Here’s your bonus: green tourmaline jewelry attracts money and success.

Some spectacular watermelon tourmaline jewelry can also be found in this collection. That’s because sometimes I can’t decide whether certain watermelon specimens should be here, or in Rose Period. Or by golly, both! Pink and green tourmaline are like feminine and masculine soulmates, green connects to physical energies, pink is more about the spiritual. Yin and Yang. Watermelon tourmaline connects the Heart Chakra to both physical and spiritual, a twofer.

Watermelon tourmaline makes a special appearance whenever there is talk about healing the heart. Chakra sites, crystal sites all mention this watermelon tourmaline as a special healer. Even fashionistas and culture vultures have begun making a point of singling out this delicious crystal. Elle magazine gave it a special mention when “healing” gemstone jewelry started trending among the celebrity set. “Tourmaline occurs in quite a spectrum of colors, but if you can find a watermelon tourmaline—that is, a stone with a green exterior and a red core—you’re in luck: This is a color combo coveted for its ability to open up the heart to gratitude, empathy, and happy feelings”.

Blue Tourmaline Jewelry

Rose Cut Indicolite Earrings With Druzy Fossil Seashells
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Get The Blues brings teal blue tourmaline jewelry, and the highly prized and rare indicolite. All blue tourmalines can bring peace and balance. If you are the more “evolved” type, blue tourmaline will help you align with your higher self for deep insight, vision and intuition. Om.

Black Tourmaline & Other Collections

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal & Oregon Sunstone Stacking Rings
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Goddess offers a couple of options for tourmaline jewelry: Black tourmaline (also know as schorl) fits right in this collection. Like most black gemstones, black tourmaline is grounding and protective. Most Goddesses need a little grounding! In a funk? Get your fine self some black tourmaline pieces. It brings positive vibrations (just like the song!) and pushes negativity away. Every now and then, a piece of rubellite will sneak in because it just feels right for us Goddesses.

Tourmaline jewelry will often make an appearance in the Wanga and Deep Sea Luxe jewelry collections too. The slices and specimen crystals work particularly well with fossils, and bring an extra dose of meaning and healing.

Black Tourmaline & Other Collections

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal & Oregon Sunstone Stacking Rings
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Jewelry has marked important occasions and events in our lives for millenia, and although the materials may have varied over time (everything from bones and shells to pearls and crystals) there is a treasure trove of lore and meaning steeped in gemstones in particular. Tourmaline’s rainbow travels are just one of several ancient tales according to the Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend by Maria Leach and Jerome Fried. The stories vary region by region, and some overlap continents.

Looking for a gift? Tourmaline and opal are the birthstones for the month of October. Celebrating an anniversary? The 8th anniversary gift is tourmaline, the 28th anniversary is marked with a piece of orchid tourmaline jewelry, and if you make it to 38 years, you get to give a piece of tourmaline jewelry as an alternate to beryl.

Prefer to get your information via video? Here’s a crash course! In less than two minutes, you’ll get an historic overview about tourmaline, along with some scientific facts and discoveries about this fascinating gemstone.