That Old Black Magic

Charms and talismans have always been a source of fascination for me. Everything from a lucky rabbit foot  as a kid, to medicine bags I had made for me later in life by Native Canadian Indians (for power and protection). Recently, I’ve been very interested in the meaning of rocks, and now, when I sit down to create a piece, I amuse myself by looking up what the rocks I’ve decided to put together mean. Like spiritually.

Heart Shaped Watermelon Tourmaline Ring - For the Heart Chakra

Talisman Pendant
Golden Beryl & Tourmaline pendant (personal power, healing emotional wounds, health, spiritual awareness, heightened intelligence)

When I came back from the Tucson gem shows with my loot, the first thing I wanted to play with were fossils. But with sapphires and other goodies of course! (If you are one of my 6 followers, you know this already). Recently, I read an article about regional dialects. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 15 years; I know what a “yat” is (a local who speaks in the distinctive accent of N’awlins, this apparently comes from the ubiquitous greeting “Where Y’at!) and I know a little about gris gris and Marie Leveau. I know this is the “Who Dat” nation. New Orleanians “make groceries”, and want to know “what dat is”? But I’d never heard of “Wanga”. Wanga is a magical charm, or spell, taken from Haitian Creole. There is a huge Haitian population in New Orleans and, as a matter of fact, one of my best friends happens to be Haitian. We have talked about Voudou (or Voodoo) on more than one occasion. For years. “Oh yes, of course” my friend tells me after my new found interest, “but you’re pronouncing it wrong” (“wahnga”. Think Willie “WONKA” not Wango Tango). I guess I never specifically asked.

So be it. I am now working on my own version of charms to protect and empower. This is the beginning of the Leda Jewel Wanga Line. The fossils represent our ancestors, the history of this planet. The other stuff helps us carry on. Sorry no “revenge”, “lover come back” or “death” amulets. You’ll have to come to New Orleans to get someone hoodooed your own fine self.

Orthoceras set in fine silver with a 13+ carat peach Morganite, also in fine silver; Oregon Sunstone in 18K yellow, Labradorite briolettes, Labradorite/sterling silver chain. For "divine" love, protection, healing, success and power, intuition and seeing through illusions.

Orthoceras set in fine silver bezels with Yellow Sapphires representing: prosperity, wealth, health, fame honor and success. Spiritual knowledge & healing powers. Large oval Lemon Quartz cabochons for protection, healing, luck, money, happiness! Very beneficial for creative visualization.

Ammonite and peridot necklace. Ammonite is the symbol for the unending spiral of life. Peridot, the protection stone, is especially powerful when worn around the neck, and particularly beneficial for cleansing negative emotions, such as jealousy or a wounded ego.

Orthoceras necklace with a Yellow Sapphire, for prosperity, wealth, health, fame honor and success, plus spiritual knowledge & healing powers. Aquamarines, for peace and a happy marriage (and as a bonus will bring a woman wealth and joy!). And Citirne for success and abundance.

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    I learn so much from your blog! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

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    Thanks for your thoughtful words.

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