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It’s been awhile since the “blog” section has had any activity, so let me get you up to speed: This summer I finally crossed the border to my mother country of Canada! I would like to say that I am happily ensconced in my new digs, but apparently, I am doomed to live the life of a gypsy. When I was a kid, my nickname actually was Gypsy (Tsyganka in Russian) so I’m rolling with it.

In the midst of schlepping around Air B&Bs, I also joined a lapidary club in Ottawa (about an hour away from where I’ve been hoping to live) which was kinda of fun. I finally got to play with some of the beautiful rough stuff I’ve been hoarding for awhile, like these malachite and azurite babies.

Azurite Geodes & Malachite Stalactite Slices

A couple set in their new homes 🙂

Malachite Stalactite and Azurite Geode Pendants


Chrysocolla is one of my favorite rocks, and earlier this year in Tucson I found some beauties. Chrysocolla comes in a wide variety of blue/green combo colors. Pale green with white, deep blue with black, morphed and mixed up with quartz, or malachite, or azurite or other stuff. Just an amazing rock. Also, FYI: It is the stone of clever compromises for situations that appear to be non negotiable, and brings understanding to discord. Chrysocolla draws out guilt, heals heartache and in turn increases the capacity to love; brings confidence and sensitivity to the wearer, and mixed with azurite, it helps relieve stress and worry.

Chrysocolla Pendants

Miss Matched Chrysocolla Earrings With Azurite, Malachite and Druzy

Miss Matched Australian “Lighting Ridge” Opal Earrings with Chrysocolla Drops

Since my life has gone to hell in a hand cart, on all kinds of levels, I also enjoyed playing with some rutilated quartz with hematite inclusions, because, among other things, this stuff helps on spiritual quests. 

Raw Rutilated Quartz with Hematite Inclusion Pendants

I made the pendants (above) but I think they could work as earrings…

Raw Rutile Quartz with Hematite Inclusions as Earrings

What to do, what to do? Have an opinion? Leave a comment!

I scored a couple of nice big pieces of raw cat’s eye tourmaline from a groovy Italian gem dealer in Tucson. It’s a rare rock, and I love that the term “chatoyancy” comes from the French phrase “oeil de chat”. This piece is a deep green, just so you know, cat’s eye tourmaline provides stability and wealth! It also brings creativity and confidence to your work. Just saying. 

Big! Raw Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Ring

Finally, I took out one of my cherished rocks, a simple tsavorite drop. Tsavorite is one of the most valuable of garnets. Like pretty much everything I collect, it doesn’t need much embellishment, just something to string a chain or cord through. Deep green tsavorite rivals emerald for it’s beautiful color, it has more brilliance, and as rocks go, it’s more stable than an emerald. It brings wealth, and not just the financial stuff, but also artistically, creatively, and emotionally. 

Tsavorite Drop Charm, Pendant

All these pieces will be listed in the shop soon. You can contact me for more info if you can’t wait!

Email me:

At the end of the day, amongst all the nonsense and deeply weird situations I’ve been dealing with, I am still grateful for so much. I would like to take a minute to honor my gemology teacher from decades ago. Her name was Crystal Klocke and I unexpectedly ran into her last  month. It was so fun to reconnect and catch up. We had lunch, I met her beloved dogs, and she gave me a tour of her jeweler’s bench. Then, a week after that,  were both accepted to exhibit next year at the Brockville Arts Centre. Sadly, a few days ago, I was informed that she had suddenly left the planet. At least I got to thank her and tell her how much richer my life has been because of her. She was the first person to introduce something called a “tourmaline” to me. More importantly, she opened up another world and changed my life. Rest in peace Ms. Klocke. 





  1. kate November 25, 2018 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    Best of luck finding, and settling into, a new home. Your pieces are gorgeous as always.

  2. Lydia Ksionda November 25, 2018 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    Thank you Ms Kate! Very nice to hear from you <3

  3. Michele Sinoway November 26, 2018 at 4:19 am - Reply

    Lydia- your pieces are gorgeous, and I’m sorry your life has gotten so weird! I’m sure it’ll even out soon

    • Lydia Ksionda November 26, 2018 at 12:33 pm - Reply

      Thanks Michele! Just part of the learning process!

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