Rough, Raw and Kinda Refined

It’s be awhile since I put a strand together. I’m not much of a bead stringer, but I have had this strand of luscious lavender chalcedony for awhile, and it was hanging out next to some fun “sputniks” on the design desk, so, I had to do it! 

Lavender Chalcedony Necklace with Raw Beryl & Aragonite Sputnik

As a bonus, because sometimes I can’t be TOO minimalist, I added one of those rare beryl crystals (featuring beautiful iron oxide inclusions) that I’ve been hoarding. 

Then to match (sort of) these babies: 

Aragonite Sputnik Earrings with Tsavorite Drops

Because I dig opals, (literally, I dig ‘em out and play with them!) I pulled out my stash and made some pretty Miss Matched babies:


Australian Boulder Opal Earrings with Imperial Topaz Crystal Drops

Boulder Opal Earrings with Raw Orange Kyanite Blade Drops

These ALMOST match! The opals are “split” from the same rock, but the kyanites wanna express their own rock personality, thus, technically, still “mis matched”.

The last pair in this batch are put together with a rare rock: goethite in amethyst. Really special and pretty, and good for your spiritual evolution. They are a triple threat with Australian opals, and orange kyanite blades (because there’s a theme going on here).

Triple Drop Goethite in Amethyst Opal and Orange Kyanite Earrings


Details and more info in the shop, available  pieces are all listed here:





  1. kate September 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    Beautiful as always!

    • Lydia Ksionda September 16, 2021 at 11:11 am - Reply

      Thank you Kate!

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