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A couple of months ago I was invited to lunch to meet a couple of Canadian women living in New Orleans (because I too am a Canadian living in New Orleans). Of course wouldn’t you know it: both of those damn Canadians are doing important work here in the Big Easy (helping the downtrodden, rebuilding communities, and generally making the world a better place). I on the other hand, make jewelry. To say that I felt shallow was an understatement. I mean, who really cares about JEWELRY in the grand scheme of things? Turns out, sometimes it’s important.

Last month my mother, who had been ill since last summer, took a turn for the worse. On my way to see her, I picked up a copy of New York Magazine – because Joni Mitchell was on the cover. I love Joni Mitchell (she’s Canadian). Inside, there was a piece that resonated with me:

Here’s one of the photographs:

NY Mag jewelry stories

You can read about this woman and the others here: 6 Women Tell the Stories of Their Lives Through the Stories of Their Jewelry

In between visits to see my mom in Canada, I had the good fortune to receive an order from a very nice man in New York: a set of stacking rings for his wife, with birthstones representing their children. They sent me a shot of the rings on his wife’s hand (I just love it when people do stuff like this, it makes what I do SO worth it).

Birthstone Rings 4Parth

Birthstone Stacking Rings

My mom had given me her wedding bands on one of my visits last year. Each time I came to see her, we both knew that it may be the “last” time. I’ve been wearing them with my own bands ever since.

Wedding Bands - Mine & Mom's

Wedding Bands – Mine & Mom’s

As complicated as mother/daughter relationships are, I am so pleased to be able to have these rings as a memento. For me, it brings the good stuff to mind.

When I came home, one of my clients suggested that I write about my grief. I want to thank everyone who took the time to write me, and send me their condolences. I have never met most of you, but I feel that I have, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

At the end of all the funeral stuff, I had a new client order a “matching” set of pieces for his wife – for their anniversary. If this is not important, I don’t know what is.

Rest in peace mom. And thanks for the jewelry.

Mom's Casket


  1. kate March 21, 2015 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this beautiful and moving piece, Lydia. I love your stacking rings — both the birthstone ones you made and the wedding bands you wear. Much Love and Strength, Kate

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