White Baby Geode Double Drop Earrings


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From the “Otherworldly” jewelry collection: Drop dead gorgeous baby geode” glamour girl” earrings. Each baby is lined with glittery druzy, with off white or ecru rims. Both of the “halves” are taken from a “whole” and they look like they are related!

In stock


Each geode is meticulously hand set (by moi!) in a fine silver bezel, with sterling silver wirework. Handmade sterling silver earwires. About 2.5″ long. (What? You can only wear gold in your sensitive ears? I can make and replace the earwires in 14K gold for $30, 18K for $50).

The Metaphysical Particulars: Geodes symbolize and bring out our inner “Goddess”. Jewelry to empower your spirit!

These earrings, and all the jewelry in this shop, are created by hand with recycled gold and silver and natural rocks and gemstones.