Wanga Ammonite Talisman Necklace With Rubelite & Spessartite


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From the “Wanga” jewelry collection: Ammonite fossil talisman necklace featuring a large ammonite specimen, over an inch in diameter symbolizing the unending spiral of life, with rubelite (pink tourmaline) and spessartite aka orange garnet.


In stock


Ammonite fossil, set in fine silver, faceted pink tourmaline (rubellite) set in 22K gold, both have a sterling cut out back. The necklace is put together with sterling silver and 14K gold wirework; pink tourmaline and spessartite briolettes dangle from sterling chain. Pink leather cord ties with handmade sterling silver “M&M” end tabs. Adjustable length up to about 26″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Ammonites symbolize the unending spiral of life and hold the power of wisdom. Spessartite garnets are considered good luck to be given as a gift – the new owner will receive the duo of constant affection and loyalty. Pink tourmaline represents love and heals emotional wounds. Jewelry to empower your sprit!

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