Spessartite Garnet Orange Kyanite & Black Spinel Talisman Necklace


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From the “Wanga” or “Beautiful Blondes” jewelry collection (Redhead Edition): Orange garnet spessartite crystal encrusted with pyrite is one of the focal points of this long strand talisman. Hanging below, a raw orange kyanite shard, encrusted with mica, along with spessartite briolettes, a rose cut black spinel with a pave diamond setting, and pyrite and spessartite beaded chain

Out of stock


Orange spessartite garnets, orange kyanite, black spinel, diamonds and pyrite gemstones are some of the ingredients in this talisman necklace!

Sterling silver wirework, handmade sterling hook clasp. Perfect for layering, or by its own fine self.
Please note that this listing is for ONE necklace, the image with the other necklace is for layering inspiration!

Raw spessartite crystal: 5.3 grams or 26.9 carats
Raw orange kyanite crystal: 2.75 grams or 13.83 carats
Rose cut black spinel: about 7.5 carats
Spessartite briolettes: about 6.5 carats
Diamonds in pave: unspecified weight
Total length: about 30″
Pendant length: about 2.5″

The Metaphysical Particulars: In addition to protection while traveling, spessartite* garnet assists with attraction and creativity. Orange kyanite helps with self esteem, creativity, and positivity, the mica with recognizing flaws (in oneself) and working on them!! Pyrite brings energy and self confidence, and black spinel is protective, healing, grounding, brings calm to the wearer, and helps release the past. In addition to being your best friend, diamonds represent love, power and strength. Jewelry to turn your life around!

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.

The jewelry in this shop is created entirely by hand, with recycled gold and silver and natural gemstones.

* Giving this as a gift for someone special? Here’s another reason: Spessartite garnets are considered good luck to be given as a gift – the new owner will receive the duo of constant affection and loyalty. Just saying.