Santa Maria Aquamarine Earrings with Carved Citrine Drops


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From the “Get The Blues” jewelry collection: Drop dead gorgeous Santa Maria aquamarine earrings with carved citrine lotus flower drops.


Out of stock


These flawless aquamarines weigh in at about eight (8) carats apiece, 12 X 16 mm, and are hand set in fine silver bezels. The carved citrines are 11.5 carats each. Sterling silver cut out backs and wirework. Handmade sterling silver earwires. (What? You can only wear gold in your sensitive ears? I can make and replace the earwires in 14K gold for $30, 18K for $50).

Aquamarines: 16.3 total carat weight
Citrines: 23.33 total carat weight
Length: About 2″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Citrine jewelry brings the wearer success, wealth, abundance and dispels negative energy! Aquamarines bring peace, courage and a happy marriage (at least for the woman!). Positivity, peace, love AND money! Jewelry to enhance your life!

These earrings, along with all the jewelry in the shop, have been created with natural gemstones and recycled silver and gold.