Rose Cut Orchid & Pink Tourmaline Necklace with Raw Tourmaline Crystals


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Pink tourmaline talisman necklace with  two rose cut pink tourmalines, and thin delicate teal and pink raw tourmaline crystals.



In stock


From the “Rose Period” jewelry collection: Pretty talisman necklace featuring two rose cut (orchid and pink) tourmalines, one hand set in a 22K gold bezel, the other in a fine silver bezel, with sterling silver cut out backs. Delicate raw crystals in shades of pink and teal act as a “fringe”. Sterling silver and 18K gold wirework, attached to a fine Italian sterling silver chain. Handmade sterling silver hook. Specs

  • Orchid tourmaline (top): 5.05 carats
  • Pink tourmaline (center): 1.89 carats
  • Raw tourmaline crystals: about 5 carats total weight
  • Length, about 20″ long

The Metaphysical Particulars: Pink tourmalines bring love and devotion, blue (teal) tourmalines represent peace. Peace and love baby! Jewelry to enhance your life.

Tourmalines are October’s birthstone.

All Leda Jewel Co jewelry is created by hand with natural gemstones, recycled gold and silver.