Rose Cut Labradorite Ring


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From the “Otherworldly” jewelry collection: Gorgeous “flashy” rose cut labradorite ring. Perfect for stacking!

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  • Rose cut labradorite stone
  • Just over 7.75 carats
  • About 10 x 14 mm
  • Hand set in a 22K gold bezel
  • Sterling silver back and band
  • Hammered band with a brush finish
  • Size 7

This stone has been cut with a nice high dome (about 6.5 mm high) and beautifully catches the light with a (mostly) blue “flash”.

The Metaphysical Particulars: Labradorite is a “power” stone. It promotes intuition and helps one to see through illusions. Jewelry to enhance your life and your spirit!

Native legend has it that an Inuit warrior found the Northern lights imprisoned in the rocks of the Labrador coast (in Canada where the stone is found), and freed the lights with his spear, the ones that remained trapped are what we call labradorite.

All Leda Jewel Co jewelry is created with natural gemstones and recycled gold and silver.