Raw Scapolite Crystal Talisman Necklace


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From the “Beautiful Blondes” jewelry collection: A talisman necklace featuring a raw crystal scapolite with a gorgeous faceted oval yellow beryl, a moss aquamarine drop, and blue sapphire briolettes.

In stock


The scapolite crystal is hand set in a fine silver bezel, with a sterling silver cut out back. The yellow beryl gemstone is hand set in a 22K gold bezel, sterling silver cut out back. Sterling silver and 18K gold wirework, attached to a double strand of Italian made sterling silver chain. Handmade sterling hook. Necklace length hooks 18.5″ to 19″.

Scapolite Crystal: 14.55 carats
Yellow Beryl: 5.55 carats
Moss Aquamarine Drop: 4.2 carats

The Metaphysical Particulars: Scapolites help with problem solving, they bring inspiration and determination. Yellow (or Golden) beryl convey the power and warmth of the sun; sympathetic and compassionate, this beryl helps with personal power, will power and communication. The aquamarine will bring peace and courage and the sapphires add truth and faithfulness. Jewelry to empower your spirit!

Leda Jewel Co jewelry is created using recycled gold and silver and natural crystals and gemstones.