Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal & Oregon Sunstone Stacking Rings


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From the “Goddess” jewelry collection: Serious stack of rings (not for scardey cats)! Big honkin’ raw black tourmaine crystal, aka schorl, handset in a 22K gold bezel; a pretty round faceted Oregon sunstone, also set in a 22K gold bezel. Both rings have sterling silver backs and bands.

In stock


This stack includes a plain sterling stacking band (middle band). Size 8.

Raw black tourmaline (schorl) crystal: 5 grams
Oregon sunstone: .9 carats

The Metaphysical Particulars: Black tourmaline (like most black gems) is grounding and protective, especially good against negative energy. It brings a positive vibration and pushes negativity away. Sunstones are healing, protective and bring success and self confidence. They represent life and vitality. Jewelry to enhance your life!

The jewelry in this shop is created by hand with natural gemstones and recycled gold and silver.

FYI: If you would like to purchase these rings separately, please send a note via the contact feature.