Opal & Rhodochrosite Bangle


From the “Rose Period” and/or “Otherworldly” jewelry collection: Australian opal & Rhodochrosite bullseye stalactite bangle, featuring a drop dead gorgeous four carat opal and a superb stalactite specimen!


Sterling silver bangle with an Australian opal hand set in a 22K gold bezel, the “bullseye” rhodochrosite stalactite is set in fine silver, sterling silver backs. This bangle will fit most wrists.


Rhodochrosite “bullseye” stalactite slice: 15 carats total weight

Australian opal: 4 carats total weight

The Metaphysical Particulars: Rhodochrosite brings emotional healing and unconditional love, including (and especially) loving your own fine self! As a bonus, rhodochrosite also heals old wounds of betrayal and loss.  Opals offer inspiration and enhance creativity. Jewelry for love and inspiration!

The jewelry in this shop is crafted with natural gemstones and recycled silver and gold.