Oco Agate Geode Slice & Diamond Earrings (Miss Matched)


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From the “Goddess” jewelry collection. Got moxy? These seriously gorgeous showstoppers will prove it! Oco agate geode earrings with raw diamonds. Beautifully Miss Matched, and perfect for the daring bride!

Out of stock


Drop dead gorgeous agate slices with glittery druzy interiors. Truly one of a kind statement earrings.  The slices are hand set in fine silver bezels with sterling silver wire work. Raw diamonds complete the wow factor.


Oco agate slices: 41.85 carats total weight

Raw diamonds: 1.64 carats total weight

The Metaphysical Particulars: These oco agates are sliced from a geode and as such bring out what is concealed; your true nature and your hidden talents. These babies help with your spiritual growth and bring higher awareness to your inner beauty. Diamonds represent love, power and strength. Perfect for a glamour girl with more to offer than what meets the eye!

FYI: These earrings have a little weight to them, and are not recommended for sensitive or droopy earlobes. Just saying.