Morganite Earrings with Hessonite Garnet Drops


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Morganite aka pink beryl earrings with unique “surface cut” hessonite garnet drops.

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From the “Rose Period” and/or “Beautiful Blondes” jewelry collection: Morganite (aka pink beryl or pink emerald) cabochon earrings with unique “surface cut” hessonite garnet drops. These gemstones are all handset in 22K gold bezels with sterling silver backs. Sterling silver wirework and 18K gold handmade earwires.


  • Morganite cabochons: 6 carats total weight
  • Hessonite surface cut ovals: 11.78 carats total weight
  • Length: about 1.75″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Morganite (often called “pink emerald”) is the gemstone for “Divine Love”, and is known as the “heart” stone. Brings love or rekindles old love. Hessonite garnets inspire and bring out the artist even in the seemingly untalented! They bring success in self-initiated businesses that are based on an original idea or unfilled market niche; and as a bonus, hessonite garnets remove dark thoughts, and intesify your life!

Jewelry for love and to bring out the best in you!

Garnet is January’s birthstone and morganite is an alternative birthstone for the month of November.

Created by hand using recycled gold and silver and natural gemstones.