Miss Matched Rhodochrosite Pearl & Druzy Fossil Seashell Earrings


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From the “Rose Period” jewelry collection: Pretty mis matched rhodochrosite stalactite earrings with a freshwater pearl and druzy fossil seashell.

In stock


Rhodochrosite stalactite slices, hand set in fine silver bezels with sterling silver wire work. One earring has a freshwater pearl, and the other has a glittery druzy seashell fossil. For those of you named Miss Matched! Specs

Rhodochrosite slices: 26.25 carats

Freshwater pearl: .86 gram

Seashell fossil: 3.1 grams

Length: about 2.5″ long.

The Metaphysical Particulars: Rhodochrosite brings emotional healing and unconditional love, including (and especially) loving your own fine self! As a bonus, rhodochrosite also heals old wounds of betrayal and loss. Jewelry for self care!

The jewelry in this shop is crafted with natural gemstones and recycled silver and gold.