Lightning Ridge Opal Earrings With Rose Cut Tanzanite Drops


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From the “Otherworldly” and/or “Her Purpleness” jewelry collection: Drool worthy Lightning Ridge opal earrings with beautiful rose cut tanzanite drops. These earrings are beautifully “Miss Matched” with slightly different shaped gemstones.

In stock


All the gems are handset in 22K gold bezels and sterling silver backs (cut out on the back of the tanzanites to let the light play!). Sterling silver wirework and handmade 18K gold earwires.


  • Lighting Ridge (Australian) opals: 1.85 carats total weight
  • Rose cut tanzanite: 15.56 carats total weight
  • Length: 1.75″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Opals offer inspiration and enhance creativity. Tanzanite helps workaholics take it easy and slow down – which helps bring success in other areas of your life. As a bonus, tanzanite brings luck and good fortune too! Jewelry to enhance your life!

The Leda Jewel Co creates jewelry with recycled gold and silver, and natural rocks.