Large Raw Tanzanite Crystal Ring


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From the “Her Purpleness” jewelry collection: Large raw crystal tanzanite ring , featuring an uncut mineral specimen set in recycled silver.

In stock


Large raw tanzanite crystal ring. Big and raw and rough and looking like it just got dug up from the earth! This tanzanite mineral specimen is set in a fine silver partially “eroded” bezel with a sterling silver back and band. Hammered band with a brush finish.


  • Raw tanzanite crystal: 6.48 grams
  • Over an inch long
  • About ⅝” wide
  • Size 7.5

The Metaphysical Particulars: Work too hard? This is the rock for you! Tanzanite helps workaholics take it easy and slow down – which helps bring success in other areas of your life. As a bonus, tanzanite brings luck and good fortune too!

Please note: this is an uncut mineral specimen set with a partially “eroded” bezel to give it an artifact feeling.

Tanzanite is one of the birthstones for December.

All Leda Jewel Co jewelry is created by hand using solid recycled gold and silver, and natural gemstones.