Imperial Topaz Earrings With Turquoise Drops


From the “Beautiful Blondes” (Redhead Edition) and/or the “Get The Blues” jewelry collection: Show stoppers – not for the faint of heart!! Pretty, pear shaped turquoise stones dangle under stunning Imperial topaz gems. The topaz is a very unusual cut, kind of a combination emerald/baguette/marquise! They are a very rich, beautiful golden/reddish tone, hand set in 22K gold bezels with cut out backs of sterling silver. The turquoise stones are hand set in fine silver bezels with sterling cut out backs. Sterling silver wirework, handmade 18K gold earwires.

These earrings have a little weight to them, and are not recommended for sensitive or droopy earlobes. Just saying.


Imperial topaz: 19.13 total carat weight
Natural turquoise: 26.16 total carat weight
Length: About 2.5″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Turquoise grounds the wayward spirit and brings wisdom. Imperial Topaz bestows charisma and love to the wearer, brings peace, intelligence and protects against envy, disease and bad dreams. Jewelry to enhance your spirit!

The jewelry in this shop is created with natural crystals and gems, and with recycled gold and silver.