Green Talisman Necklace


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From the “Green With Envy” jewelry collection: Talisman necklace featuring a whole cornucopia to get your vibe right! Two polished green beryl slices, a raw aquamarine crystal, a malachite “bullseye” stalactite, a large azurite malachite pebble, two emerald drops, three tsavorite drops, and a faceted, round diamond. Because greens are good for you. 


Out of stock



Azurite malachite pebble: 42.77 carats

Green beryl slices: 22.18 carats total weight

Malachite stalactite: 33.7 carats

Aquamarine crystal: 3 carats

Emerald drops: 3.15 carats total weight

Tsavorite drops: 2.61 carats total weight

Diamond: .27 carat

Sterling silver chains (polished and oxidized). Fine and sterling silver, 18K and 22K gold.

The clasp consists of a sterling silver magnetic “hook” and handmade “eye”.

Necklace length: about 20”. The center azurite malachite drop is about 2” long.

The Metaphysical Particulars: Green symbolizes rebirth, fertility and new possibilities and this talisman necklace provides additional oomph to all that: Emeralds (deep green beryl) boost creativity and guard against spells and enchantments, they are also a symbol of “successful love”, hope devotion and adoration. Pale green beryl is considered a “healing” stone. Aquamarines (blue beryl) are a symbol of peace, provide courage, promise a happy marriage and bring the woman (in the marriage) wealth and joy! Malachite/azurite clears away confusion, gives inspiration and hones in on your intuition (which helps your “spidey” sense). Malachite clears the way for spiritual guidance, opens your heart and absorbs any pesky negative energies that cross your path. Tsavorite brings wealth: financially, artistically, creatively, and emotionally. Finally, besides being your “best friend”, the diamond represents love, power and strength. A talisman that covers pretty much ALL the bases!

The jewelry in this shop is created entirely by hand, with recycled gold and silver and natural gemstones.