Flower Quartz & Pink Tourmaline Pendant


From the “Rose Period” and/or “Beautiful Blondes” jewelry collection:  Rare and beautiful flower quartz (aka pyrophyllite) pendant with a pink tourmaline drop long (32″) necklace. One of a kind would be an understatement. 




Pyrophyllite in quartz cabochon with pink tourmaline drop. Fine silver bezel with a mix of sterling silver chain & oxidized sterling chain, 18K gold.


Flower quartz/pyrophyllite cabochon: 9.89 carats

Pink tourmaline drop: 3 carats

Length: 32″ long

The Metaphysical Particulars: Pyrophyllite is a wonderful meditation crystal and perfect for helping one set boundaries. It’s “flowery” properties are amplified in quartz. It is known as the “creator’s” stone and as such is helpful for focus and intention; and not only that, it brings positive vibes your way!  Pyrophyllite is Greek for fire leaf, and thus lights your fire! Pink tourmalines bring love and devotion.

All Leda Jewel Co jewelry is created with natural crystals, gemstones and recycled gold and silver.

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