Dendritic Agate Earrings


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From the “Beautiful Blondes” jewelry collection: beautifully Miss Matched (!) dendritic agate earrings
aka miniature worlds preserved in a rock. Set in 22K gold.

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Dendritic agate earrings; gemstones handset in 22K gold bezels, with sterling silver cut out backs, sterling silver wirework, and handmade 18K gold earwires.

Dendritic agates: 17.4 carats total weight
Length: About 1″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Symbolizing growth, or change, dendritic agate is also know as the stone of plenitude and abundance. Jewelry to enrich your life!

The jewelry in this shop is created entirely by hand, with recycled gold and silver and natural gemstones.

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