Black Tourmaline aka Schorl Slice Earrings With Diamond Briolettes


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From the “Goddess” jewelry collection: Dramatic black and white earrings featuring natural black polished tourmaline slices and diamond briolettes.

In stock


Tourmaline (schorl) crystal slices, handset in 22K gold bezels on sterling silver cut out backs. Sterling silver and 18K gold wirework, handmade 18K gold earwires.

Black tourmaline slices: 31.31 carats total weight
Diamond briolettes: 1.27 carats total weight
Length: about 2″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Black tourmaline or schorl (like most black gems) is grounding and protective, especially good against negative energy. It brings a positive vibration and pushes negativity away. In addition to being your best friend, diamonds bring love power and strength. Jewelry to enhance your life!

FYI: these earrings weigh in at slightly over 5 grams apiece which may be a little heavy for super sensitive or droopy earlobes. Just saying.

The jewelry in this shop is created by hand with natural gemstones and recycled gold and silver.