Azurite Geode Pendant


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From the “Get The Blues” and/or “Otherworldly” jewellery collection: deep blue and mysterious, azurite geode pendant.

Out of stock


This cobalt blue specimen is hand set in a fine silver bezel with a sterling silver bail. 16″ sterling silver Italian snake chain included.


Natural azurite geode: about 39 carats or 7.8 grams

The Metaphysical Particulars: Need a some help channeling the Goddesses? This baby is the gateway to the heavens. Azurite brings the transfer of knowledge between people, and between people and the higher realms of power. Helps your intuition and brings out your inner wisdom. Also staves off indecision, inspires change, and brings strength to come to the right (maybe not easy, but right!) conclusions.

The jewellery in this shop is created with natural gemstones, and recycled gold and silver.