Azurite Geode Earrings with Malachite/Azurite Drops


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From the “Green With Envy” and/or “Get The Blues” jewelry collection: azurite geode mineral specimen earrings with malachite azurite drops.


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Azurite geode “blueberry” specimen earrings, set in 22K gold bezels, with sterling silver claws and exposed backs, with polished malachite/azurite drops. Sterling silver wirework. Handmade 18K gold earwires.

Azurite geodes:  11.67 carats total weight
Malachite/Azurite drops: 38.8 carats total weight                                                                                                                                            Length: about 2.25″

The Metaphysical Particulars: Azurite is considered to be the gateway to the heavens, and in geode form, it is even MORE powerful. Above all, it brings inner wisdom, helps with intuition and clears the mind to help in forming the right decisions. Inspires change and staves off indecision. This stone likes to be touched, albeit in a loving manner! It is helpful as a “worry” stone.

Not only does malachite/azurite clear away confusion, it gives inspiration and hones in on your intuition.

Please keep in mind that azurite is a soft stone, and as a result, easily crushed if abused. Handle with care.

The jewelry in this shop is crafted with natural gemstones and recycled silver and gold.

FYI: These babies have a little weight to them (between 5 – 6 grams per earring) and may not be suitable for sensitive or droopy earlobes. Just saying.

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