Aragonite Sputnik Earrings with Tsavorite Drops


From the “Green With Envy” and/or “Beautiful Blondes – Redhead Edition” jewelry collection: Fun “Sputnik”aragonite specimen earrings with tsavorite drops. Beautifully Miss Matched!


Mis matched aragonite specimen “Sputnik” earrings with tsavorite drops. FYI: Tsavorite is one of the most valuable of garnets. It rivals emerald for it’s beautiful color, it has more brilliance, and is more stable than an emerald.


Aragonite “Sputnik” or Star Clusters: 8.4 grams total weight

Tsavorite (green garnet) teardrops: 2.37 carats total weight

Length: 1.25″ to 1.5″

Recycled sterling silver and 18K gold wirework.

The Metaphysical Particulars: Aragonite star clusters are a grounding, stress reliever AND they encourage conservation and caring for the earth. Tsavorite brings wealth: financially, artistically, creatively, and emotionally.

The jewelry in this shop is crafted with natural gemstones and mineral specimens, recycled silver and gold.