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I admit I spend way too much time on Pinterest. I said it. It’s true. I’m addicted to it. I decided to do something constructive about it, something that would promote my business, my baubles. So I stole this idea from someone else: I created a couple of boards for just my jewels. I got a couple of pins, a nice comment, and then…I went back to trolling. Sigh. Then this weekend, I got inspired.

One of the first boards I created was called “Turquoise”. I am in love with the color (and the rock!)

This is one of the first images I “pinned”. Smokey quartz with amazonite; a pretty spectacular specimen.

Now, I have a lot of rocks. I mean A LOT of rocks. I decided it was time to start clearing my stash; I started taking pictures of some of them, to post as loose gems in my etsy shop. I had two giant emerald cut smokey quartz pieces. And then I remembered that picture… here’s what happened:

Emerald Cut Smokey Quartz Turquoise Rutilated Quartz & Sapphire Pendant

I love Pinterest.

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