Move It On Over (aka Update)

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In the process of integrating the new Leda Jewel Co website and shop, the NEW blog has been dovetailed to be a part of the “seamless” experience. The old stories are archived and can still be accessed from the shiny new shop too.

If you want to continue being an email subscriber or if you’re new here and want to hear about what’s happening please add your email to the list on the new site. Here’s the link to the blog, that you probably missed last week, with the subscribe option:


Hope to hear from y’all (I’m still in the Deep South, and still working on the Canadian move, eh). More updates will follow as stuff happens. It shouldn’t be taking this long, let’s just say that sometimes life gets messy. Let’s hope that after everything is left in a rear view mirror, it will be fodder for inspiration!

In the meantime, here’s some music:



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