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When I start wallowing in sorrow, I like to play with my rocks. This past week (and if you’ve been reading any of the previous posts, I may as well throw in the last 12 months!) has brought some downers; among them a scary health issue (everything is OK), but I got a little spooked for a couple of days), and the death of two friends.

Although I’m bummed out, I am very fortunate that I get to make stuff. Making stuff is probably the most therapeutic thing one can do. So while I was wandering around wondering why we are all here on the  planet, I was very pleased to get a bunch of requests for geode jewelry. Looking through my stash, I (as usual) got lost in the exposed glittery tiny worlds of these fascinating hollowed out rocks; and for awhile, forgot about my petty little problems.

Here’s a little batch of new pieces:

Geode Opal Earrings 1-2015

Australian Boulder Opal Earrings With Baby Geode Drops

Mexican Fire Opal Earrings With Geode Drops

Mexican Fire Opal Earrings With Geode Drops

Blue Geode Pendant 2015

Blue Grey Baby Geode Pendant

Blue Geode Ring 1-2015

Baby Geode Ring

Red Geode Ring 2-1025

Red Baby Geode Ring

Red Geode Pendant

Red Geode Pendant

I would like to end this post with a song from a talent that died too soon:

RIP Lenny.


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