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It’s a NEW Year! For most people it means resolutions, for moi it means gearing up for the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR (code for Tucson gem shows). It’s always exciting to add more rocks to my cache (some people call it hoarding, I call it “collecting”).

I selected some rocks I’m willing to part with, and made a few things for the wrist (again).

For more info for the available pieces, go to the shop:


Raw_Pink_Kunzite_Diamond_Sapphire_Bangle 2016

Natural raw pink kunzite crystal set with diamond, and balanced with rose cut purple Ceylon sapphire.

Raw_Crystal_Quartz_Boulder_Opal_Bangle 2016

Crystal quartz point with Australian boulder opal.


Big honkin’ raw pink kunzite pendant.

Watermelon_Tourmaline_Double_Bangle 2016

Double shot of watermelon tourmaline.

Emerald_Pear_Double_Bangle 2016

Double shot of rose cut pear shaped emeralds.

Aquamarine_Double_Bangle 2016

Double shot of aquamarine.

Hope everyone enjoys the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR as much as I do; no matter where you are. If the Goddesses are willing, I’ll do a post or two from Tucson! Or at least a postcard that says “Wish you were here”.

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