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The Geode: goofy looking on the outside, brilliant, gorgeous and glittery on the inside. The geode is a symbol of the Goddess and a wonderful healing rock. Geodes bring out what is concealed. Your true nature (keep in mind that this can go either way!) hidden talents, motives and to help recover what is missing. Here at the Leda Jewel Co, we generally incorporate the “babies” aka tabasco geodes.

Baby Geode aka Tabasco Geode Rings

Geodes amplify the nature of the gemstone it is created from. Agate or chalcedony geodes lined with glittery quartz crystals are wonderful talismans for strength and protection and spiritual growth. They help boost love and courage by overcoming negativity. Chalcedony in particular absorbs negative energy, and brings peace and calm. Om.

White Baby Geode Double Drop Earrings

Baby Geode Earrings With Lavender Chalcedony Drops

Australian Boulder Opal Earrings with Baby Geode Drops


When you need to get out the “big guns” (so to speak) to channel the Goddesses and keep a clear head while life goes to hell in a hand cart (I’m revealing too much here aren’t I?) the real deal comes through azurite, the gateway to the heavens, and Azurite geodes in particular.

Azurite Geodes

This cobalt blue rock often disintegrates into bits when you try to make jewelry out of it, but every now and then, success! This is one of my favorite pieces, ever:

Azurite Geode Pendant

Azurite was highly prized in ancient times, blue was considered a sacred color. It was used as a pigment, since it crumbles and stains easily. It brings inner wisdom. A stone of intuition that helps transfer knowledge; both between people and between people and higher realms of power. It inspires change, staves off indecision and brings strength to come to the right conclusion. If you need to get off your butt, and you ain’t scared, or even if you are, this is the rock.

Works for me.

You can check out the geode jewelry in the shop by clicking on a photo, or here in the “Otherworldly” section: https://ledajewelco.com/otherworldly/


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    Dreamy, peaceful, stunning, and beautiful all at once. These are gorgeous!

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      <3 Thank you Ms Jenna! XXX

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