Happy 2012!

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Welcome to my first blog!

Last year I resurrected my jewelry design career, and I’ll say, things sure do change after a couple of decades. I used to sell my baubles in galleries across Canada and in New York City. Now, I’m trying to figure out the online thing. I have a little following in different pockets of the US and Canada (um, that would be friends, and relatives of friends). Plus I put up an etsy shop (me and 2 or 3 million others).

My obsession is actually rocks, and I spend most of my time looking for really cool and unusual stuff. Right now I am in hot pursuit of rose cut anything. But especially tourmalines and sapphires. The downside of doing this (although, really, I shouldn’t be boo hooing) is that when people do decide to buy your goodies, it’s like parting with your children. There are some pieces that are NOT for sale, but I’m not showing those. The minute you say “Not For Sale”, that’s when everyone starts clamoring. However, even when they ARE for sale, sometimes the pangs of regret happen. For my 1st post, I will show a pair of earrings that were actually surprisingly hard to give up. When my friend Missy picked them for her sister, my heart sank. I take solace in the fact that they went to a beautiful woman!

Missy's sister's now!

There’s a blog I enjoy called “The Selfish Seamstress” ( http://selfishseamstress.wordpress.com). Elaine makes it plain that she WILL NOT share. I love that about her…

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