Caves Volcanoes & Tree Roots

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It’s no secret that I am enamored with geodes and stalactite slices. These earthly “gifts” are plain on the outside, spectacular inside (like a couple of people I’ve known in my life).

Stalactites are formed in caves, over a gazillion years, drop by drop. Eventually they form “icicles” and when sliced, they can be breathtaking. Jaw dropping magnificent beautiful creations.

Cave with stalactites

Stalactite slices

Geodes are “eggy” shapes. They come from volcanic rocks or formed from animal burrows or tree roots. Boooring.

Whole geode

Yawn… but enough of that, when you crack them open, the cavities are filled with glittery gorgeousness. Ideal for baubles!

Glittery geode innards

The largest geode in the world was discovered in Almeria Spain in 2000.

Almeria Spain Geode

Most of the stuff available for collectors ranges from a few inches to several feet. A typical geode for foyer decor is about 2 feet hight.

Ideal for foyer decor

Since I’m an extremist, I like the SMALLEST geodes in the world. Baby geodes, little miniature caves of glistening crystals. Pretty much the size that say, Barbie would put in HER foyer for decor.

Barbie's foyer decor

Now I know I’m NOT the only crafty type who likes this stuff. But in my opinion, some things are plain wrong to do. Like this:

Dyed geodes

Or this:

Dyed slices

Why why why why why? It’s sooo unnatural, artificial and bizarre. Like too much make up or really really big fake boobs. Leave the beauty alone I say!
Enough critiquing. Here’s what I’VE been making lately with some of this stuff. All are welcome to come critique moi.

Baby Geode Earrings with Amber Opals & Sapphires

Stalactite Slice Pendant with Chalcedony Briolette

Stalactite Slice Amethyst Drop Earrings

Baby Geode Pendant

Baby Geode Earrings with Iolite and Pink Tourmaline Drops

There are a couple of theories on how geodes are formed. But they’re all too sciency for me, I’m just here for the art part.

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